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Healthy turf is a key component to any landscape; it creates a backdrop for every feature your property has to offer.  Lush green turf can not only help beautify the neighborhood, but it provides a great outdoor living space for you and your family.  It increases property value while also having many environmental benefits.  It helps purify water, improves air quality, controls soil erosion and produces oxygen.  It’s also said that 8 healthy lawns have the same cooling effect as about 70 tons of air conditioning.  Let rooted to perfection make sure your turf is the envy of the neighborhood.   Listed below are some of the services offered.

Core aeration

There are many benefits to aerating but the main reason is to relieve soil compaction.  Aerating is the process of removing cores which helps improve soil structure by making it easier for the uptake of water and nutrients.  Over time your turf builds up organic matter called thatch making it susceptible to insects, disease and many other issues.  Aerating removes this keeping your lawn healthy and green.  It is also great to combine this practice with seed and introduce new grass varieties to your lawn.

Over Seeding

This is the process of introducing new seed to existing turf.  It’s a great way to repair bare spots, improve density and establish improved grass varieties that enhance the lawns color improving its resistance to disease and drought.  If your lawn is looking weak and tired over seeding teamed with proper fertility and water might be a great option to improve your lawn.

Weed Management

A thick vigorous lawn is the best prevention against weed invasion.  A dense stand of turf can compete successfully with weed seedlings for light and nutrients.  However in some situations control is necessary.  Rooted to Perfection uses environmentally friendly products which adhere to government restrictions.  Be sure to ask about our programs offered and we can help you manage your turf so weeds are the least of your concerns.


A proper well managed fertilizer program is the key component to making any lawn looks its best.  Rooted to Perfection specializes in  developing fertilizer programs that fit individual landscapes ensuring your lawn gets the nutrients it needs to with stand heat, disease and insect pressure.  Ask about our fertilizer programs and how we can make and keep your lawn looking great.