Professional Landscape Service
Gravenhurst, ON
Mon-Sat: 8:00am - 5:00pm

“We have been Rooted to Perfection customers for at least five years and have always been pleased with their services and professional knowledge.  Whenever people admire our lawn and grounds I get all the credit but they have done all the work.  They know exactly what is needed for every situation and they are very responsive and accessible whenever we call.   They look after the lawn maintenance and care like it was their own lawn.  I would recommend their services to anyone who wants to improve their lawn and grounds to a level they may not have experienced before”.

Cam and Carrie Smith

“My wife Helene & I have been extremely satisfied with their service and professionalism. One look at our property will convey the results of Rooted to Perfection’s work & dedication. We would highly recommend their service to anyone looking for help maintaining their property in Muskoka”.

Bryan and Helene Robertson

“We hired Mark and Paul for our automated irrigation system about 3 years ago.  Not only was the workmanship excellent but the after sales service has been outstanding.  We would recommend Rooted to Perfection to anyone considering a sprinkler system”.

Wes and Janice Skitch


“We had a lawn in the Muskoka Bay development in Gravenhurst that certainly needed work several years ago and Rooted to Perfection came to the rescue. Rooted to Perfection installed an irrigation system which has worked flawlessly since it was installed. Paul and Mark provided us with excellent advice on weed control, fertilizer, aerating and over seeding. Today our lawn presents as a masterpiece thanks to the work of this dependable, trustworthy company”.

Eric and Linda Potts

“During the past 2 years Mark and Paul (Rooted to Perfection) have dealt with our landscaping needs for our large residential property in Muskoka. They have installed a new lawn, created a number of decorative gardens and installed an extensive underground sprinkler system. They also maintain our gardens and lawn on a yearly basis.  We have found Mark and Paul to be very professional, creative, approachable and extremely competent. Their pricing is very fair and reasonable. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Mark and Paul for any or all of your landscaping requirements”.

John and Gail Lederer

“In May 2013, we hired Paul and Mark to install a large irrigation system at our Golf Course road property in Bracebridge. As very experienced employees from two of the most prestigious golf courses in the South Muskoka area, they showed expertise when designing the automated sprinkler system. We had received other quotations: quick-fix companies who would cover half of the water zones for less money, but after spending a small fortune on the hardscape, extensive landscape plantings and new sod, we decided to protect our investment with a dependable, programmable watering system with a wireless rain sensor.  The bonuses: Mark and Paul are enthusiastic, likeable, enterprising and professional men. The installation was done quickly with little disturbance to the plantings. We were thrilled with the results and quickly extended our involvement with them to include a lawn maintenance plan, mulching plus annual start up and shut down of the irrigation system. Our lawns and gardens look fabulous!  We have never once regretted our decision to hire “Rooted to Perfection” and believe that by hiring locally, there is greater sense of commitment to us as their customer which was evidenced by their dependability and quick response to requests”.

Way Lem and Lynn Monk


“Rooted to Perfection has been completing our lawn fertilizing and weed control for several years and made our yard the envy of the neighborhood.  Two years ago they designed and installed an automated sprinkler system on property, designed gardens and installed new Kentucky blue grass.  The sprinkler system has worked flawlessly.  Whether it is sod you want laid, your lawn maintained, a sprinkler system installed, gardens planted and maintained, trees planted or just a friendly consolation, we are certain Paul and Mark from Rooted to Perfection are the professionals you will want!”

Terry and Susan Stevenson

‘I met Mark and Paul 3-4 years ago when my lawn was damaged from a hot dry summer. It was to the point where I was considering stripping the existing lawn and replanting the grass or re-sodding.  Mark and Paul were confident that they could save what we had and give us a superb lawn. They worked tirelessly all summer and the following year with fertilizer, over seeding etc. and I can now say we have the best lawn in the area. We constantly have people stopping to admire our grass.  We look forward to many more years of their service.’

Fraser and Paisley Donaldson